Energy Management System

An intuitive solution to analyzing your energy usage.

The BEAM AXtm is a cloud-based energy management system that provides data-driven actionable insights to reduce energy usage and costs of commercial buildings.

Collect and analyze all the data your facilities produce via BEAM AXTM system’s sleek and intuitive interface, which is accessible on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.
Forecast Demand Charges

Predict power demand and energy usage 7-days ahead to proactively lower peak demand charges.

Detect Anomalies

Detect and diagnose anomalous energy usage behavior and patterns that could attribute to driving up unwanted costs.

Analyze Energy Use

Interpret historical and current energy usage and costs. View the impact of weather and tariffs on your utility charges.

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BEAM AXtm allows users to utilize Mitsubishi Electric’s leading commercial building products, and provides a more comprehensive view of energy consumption and insights for potential savings than any other system on the market. To learn more about how our system can fit your needs, contact us at or request a demo.