Energy Management System
BEAM AXTM is a cloud-based energy management system that provides data-driven actionable insights to reduce energy costs of commercial buildings
Analyze the energy performance and energy cost data for your facilities using BEAM AXTM system’s artificial intelligence via an intuitive interface which is accessible on desktop, tablets, and smartphones.
Forecast Demand Charges
Predict potential peak power demand charges 7 days ahead to proactively lower energy costs.
Analyze Energy Tariffs
Interpret historical and current energy costs via comparison to previous rates and alternative tariffs for better decision making.
Detect Anomalies
Detect and diagnose anomalous energy use patterns that could contribute to driving up costs or indicate an operational problem with your facility.
Manage Energy Costs
Establish energy budget goals for multiple energy types easily. Continuously manage budget progress with alerts. Interpret historical and current energy costs and view the impact of weather on your utility charges.